Shazam Encore App Reviews

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Shazam songs

It wont Shazam or recognize songs anymore. Even really popular ones.

Very much a necessity

Everybody can have that song

Will not install newest updste

It appears to download everything but, then hangs during install finally giving me a message that the download couldnt be completed at this time. Ive tried mid-morning, afternoons, evenings and late nights. No joy.

Perfect home screen

Thanks for the minimalistic home screen. Thats exactly what everyone needed.

Finally the news are gone!

Thank you Shazam!

No more clutter!

Yes FINALLY that obtrusive newsfeed has been removed from the home tab, and Shazamming is once again a fast and elegant experience.

Getting Worse

Earlier versions were way more effective. In fact I can use my old iPhone, now just an iPod to listen and decipher music from the television and have better results. I get billed .99 cents every month when I originally paid for the top version with no extra charges. On my first iPhone 3. I still use it but cant get them to stop billing me for this newer but much worse version. Ill be leaving this all behind soon. I dont have to long to hang around this mortal coil much longer. And I have the original iPod with 80 GB. And as Ive been told I dont have enough time in my life to listen to all of the music I have accrued. So I hope this helps others with speaking up. Peace, pot & microdot... Im out. CV-66 forever. And CVW-1 & 7...

Doest work after update

It used to work great. After the latest update it doesnt read the songs anymore. Stop trying to make the app do so many things because now the primary reason for the app, to tell you what song youre listening too, doesnt work!


Im crazy about the phone app, but NO WAY AM I THRILLED ANYMORE ABOUT THE WATCH APP!!! I am running iOS 9.3.5 on my iPhone and Watch OS2 on my AppleWatch. Shazam just simply disappeared from my Watch, I even removed it from my phone and re-downloaded it to my phone to see if that would fix it. It started to download to my watch and I got excited, but when I checked again to see if it was finished to try it out - IT WAS GONE!!!!!!!!


Ive been using this app since the first day it came out and Ive shazamed probably a couple thousand songs and its only let me down a handful of times! I love it! I just wish it would have the lyrics for EVERY song I Shazam but I can live with googling them still haha enjoy!

No integration with Amazon Music

Please add integration with Amazon Music. Similar to how it works with Apple Music and Spotify.

Too slow

It opens very slow developers should do something

A must have

A must have...hands down

Extremely helpful

I been using this app for 4 years and it hasnt let me down

Shazam the best

I like this much better now that your Shazams are saved with an acct. great feature. Ive had this for years and love it .

The new update

I have had the app from day one and is like day and night. Its so much cooler.

Just pure junk...!!

Dont bother downloading this app. Huge waste of money.. Youre better off doing a google search.. Pure crap......!!


Ive been using Shazam since it was first released and it is STILL my go to app for any smart phone device.

Shazam is Hot

Just amazing!


Works okay

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