Shazam Encore App Reviews


Great app!


Excellent app!!


Alles wieder top

Awesome app

Great app. Very useful. Keep up the great work!

Doesnt work

Keeps crashing after update.

Good app

Good app

Wont login

It doesnt work...


Stopped working. What a waste.


Couldn't live without it!!

NOT WORKING ON APPLE WATCH SERIES 1 since latest update for iOS 11 and watch iOS 4

Says ‘will tap you later when find a match’. Fine on iPhone 7s plus. Did all reboots and reinstalls on both devices- even re-paired the watch. . Still the same. Wife has regular Shazam and same problem after latest Shazam update to 11.4.1. Using watch iOS 4, iOS 11.0.3.

Actually Good

This app is actually good

Used work really good

I am using this app from the app released and worked really great but now it’s showing wrong songs and too many advertisements.

Best App Ever Created

This is by far the best app ever created for music lovers. I use it all the time. I would rate it 10 stars if I could.

Great response even if playing music outt earphone!

Great response even if playing music outt earphone! Love the integration with Apple Music

Awesome app!

Shazam is pure magic! Impressive beyond belief!


I love it 😍😍

Best app ever

Just download it you won’t regret it!

Love Shazam

This is one of my favorite apps. I use it in the car, stores and television. I really like how it give you likes to just about everything concerning the band. Very cool.

Not as good as it used to be

Doesn’t always work on my iPhone 7 especially when plugged in to my new 2018 Toyota Camry. Doesn’t pick up sound / song have to discount when plugged in car. When not plugged in even with WiFi it takes 2-3 tries before it finds the song. Not as good as it used to be.


Need to be able to categorize the Shazams I save please !!!


I looooove this app!!!! works great and downloads really fast!!!

Simply awesome

Just keeps getting better and better.

LOVE THIS I’m not so sure

I've been using Shazam since it was first released and it is STILL my go to app for any smart phone device. This app WAS my go to and I supported several artists by being able to find them and purchase their music. Now Shazam has started “The Hit List” which blocks you from discovering certain artists. All I’ll say is...shame on you. If this is going to be the new common occurrence...I’ll be removing the app.



Best App EVER!!

This app works everywhere! I have accumulated mountains of music. My Shazam playlist is the best and the longest in my library!

Shazam review



On point but a little slow to open and scan now! It use to open right up scanning not if takes a few seconds

Best App Ever

I love Shazam !

Love it

Works every time, sometimes it picks a different artist to the song being played. But other than that 👍🏿

Horrible at picking up the songs most of the time.

Horrible at picking up the songs most of the time.

Must have app

I use this app ALL the time and love it

Apple Watch issues

Love this app but it has disappeared completely from my Apple Watch as if I never had it.

Keeps getting better

It’s the app which made me buy my first iPhone 9 years ago.

Great App

Awesome application keep the good job guys

Slow to load and bloated

Song clips have passed by the time the app loads

Nothing compares....

Love it!!!

No longer appears on my Apple Watch

Shazam disappeared from my Apple Watch a few weeks ago. It used to appear and I used to use it from my Watch. Nothing I do will make it appear again. I have the latest version of the app, 11.4.1. I have iOS 10.3.2. I have an iPhone 6. Until this app will appear in my Apple Watch again I must rate it low.

Love it

Awesome app

Brilliant App

I literally use this app, every single day. I’ve been using it for five years. So far in that time it has only not been able to recognize one song. That’s pretty amazing if you ask me. I use it when I’m watching movies and TV shows, I use that when I’m in the mall, I use it in the car, you name it, when I hear a song I like just hit Shazam and it even takes me straight to my Spotify or iTunes. Its brilliant. My very FAV app ever.


Take you way back!

Very useful

Love it

App Galore!

This is a fun app. I’m a music fanatic and I find myself whipping my phone out and pulling up who is singing what? It’s really helped me to expand my music collection.


I’m very disappointed that I cannot open my Shazam red because the developer hasn’t updated the App for iOS 11! What has now happened to all the music I’ve spent months and years collecting!!??

Vacation time

Store the music that you love !!!

“What’s that song?” No More!

This is the perfect app for people like me who hear a song but can’t quite place the artist and have no blessed clue the title. You open the app, you push the button, the app takes about 10 seconds to listen to the song, and then the app coughs up the answer. It’s BRILLIANT!

Very pleased

I’m pleased with the upgrades of this app. Well done. I use this app all the time.

Switched back to Shazam after using SoundHound for years

I’ve decided me to give Shazam a test again after using SoundHound for years. SoundHound was better at the time he’ll because you could sing into it or hummus song and it would find the tune. Now, Shazam does all of that and does it better. I’m at Shazam use her again and now I think I’ll be a Shazam user for life.

Original Shazam was 5 stars

I prefer original Shazam when it first came out a few years ago. It was simple, user friendly, straight to the point. It gave me the song info-exactly what I was asking for. But, lately, Shazam has grown into this complicated, too gimmicky apps. I don’t need all that it is offering. Navigation also has been redesigned to become unfriendly and not so easy to use. 😞


Your the best! Thank you!

Missing auto

You guys got rid of the auto button. I NEEDED that to tag the songs I listened to while driving! Update: I figured out the new auto button like a minute after I wrote this review, so I'm changing it to 3 stars. I'm still having an issue with push notifications. That hasn't been working in over a year! I've seen multiple FAQs about that and they all say to change it in settings. However, whenever I try to find the toggle in settings (both in the app and on my phones settings) the option isn't there. I literally have nothing that can turn on and off the push notifications! You will get 5 stars when you give me that option back!


Its f**king awesome!! But it would be awesome’e if it would also work with lyrics!! But all in all 10/10!!



Works 100% of the time

One my favorite apps!

Aloha World

This wonderful app, is a must have app! It allows me to find music globally! I use it to find out who the artist is, from the singers to the backup musicians in the group. On radio’s, television, to movie soundtracks in the theaters! From all generations! Don’t know what I’d do without it! Saves my sanity, now that they’ve closed almost every record store in Hawaii! The hours I use to spend in my youth. Reading and researching all kinds of music, looking for something new to share with my family and friends. Now I have it all at my fingertips in seconds! With the option to watch in on videos, or download to my phone. I can share it online on my Facebook page, with my friends and family in the mainland. Along with the great island music, we have here in Hawaii! I can’t live without it now! So addicted! Do yourself a favor and download “Shazam App” immediately! Luv & Aloha Kathi Jo


I had this app when it first came out and it was cool then but even cooler now! I’ve been looking for 3 tracks off a Mixcloud mix and driving me up a wall. Shazam found all of them in mere seconds + the lyrics!!! I’m never be w/out Shazam again!!

Gotta have app

On of the “gotta have” apps for your phone.

Watch not working

Reinstalled app from beginning to end. Watch no longer shows.


AWESOME👍🏻😀, Best ever👍🏻THANKS🙏

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