Shazam Encore App Reviews


Great app!


Excellent app!!


Alles wieder top

Awesome app

Great app. Very useful. Keep up the great work!

Doesnt work

Keeps crashing after update.

Good app

Good app

Wont login

It doesnt work...


Stopped working. What a waste.

Had to knock one star

Had to take off a star. I had the free version, but it became unavailable and I was forced to pay for the upgraded version if I wanted to continue to use the app. Later, they made the app free again. I will give them back the star if I get my money back plus interest.

“Shazam”, in my opinion the Greatest App Ever!!!!

Excellent App, I highly recommend, it’s the most fastest and easiest way to allow the App to listen to just a very small piece of just about Any song ever made and it will identify it very very quickly, then give you the lyrics, link to the original related Videos and has quick link buttons you can push that will send you right to iTunes to purchase, etc! Lastly it keeps the entire list of every recording you have listened to, so you can look at the later, especially when you activate the constant mode, which when you turn on, it will continue to identify every song you listen to for your trips, even across country, there is no limit and it runs even when the phone is off and on idle mode, which stops the App from using your charge up!! ( just push the large button in the center of the screen and hold it for just a few seconds, and it’s up and running, easy peasy!!! This App can determine the song is being sung by even in a crowded noisy area, or in a grocery store, at a restaurant or hanging your phone out the window at a stop light to find out what song the car next to you is blaring on the radio! LoL. There are a few “fine tunes” that could be done to this App, which would make it even more brilliant and would make this App one of the greatest ever made, hands down, slam dunk!!!

Great App

Finds 99% of everything I look for! Very happy with the results.

It’s really 4.5 stars at least

Shazam can’t find exactly *everything* I search for on the radio. Also, I wish Siri would automatically launch the Shazam app after I tell her to “Shazam” without the extra step after she identifies the song.

Total Rip-Off

One star is generous. Maybe Apple is screwing current subscribers independent of their buyout of Shazam? It used to work on my watch, now not really. Keep you money in your pocket.


Fast & accurate results.. as long as the app doesn’t crash first


No spotify integration.


Best Ever

It’s ok.

I liked it better when it just did what I needed it to do-id songs.

Great when it works

Have always loved Shazam, it’s one of the coolest things to come along in a long while....but sometimes I try to Shazam a song mostly on a tv show & try & try but nothing comes up I know that’s not Shazams fault but it’s still annoying. But it’s still a great invention.

Soundhound is so much better

I do not understand why they wanted to destroy this app. It’s slow, it’s database blows and 60% of the time it doesn’t find what you’re looking for. Music isn’t only about what’s going on today, people. And even then, it doesn’t have the newest releases unless it’s major releases! All the alt and obscure stuff isn’t there, even in today’s music. And then Soundhound will find it. Maybe if Shazam didn’t spend all those years on TELEVISION NONSENSE, they would have a better app. But they did. And it’s not great. Used to be great. Not any more. #sad

Been a fan since this came out....

Been using and loving this app since it came out.


Luv it!!

Not Impressed

Just another way for Apple to make money while you entertain the thought of you needing the app itself.

Old friend.

This app has been around for so long, I often feel affection for it as might feel an old friend. I love when it fails (which is not often), and always get a chuckle.

Needs a tweak

Every time I exit the app by either pressing the home button or any other method I get red bars on the top of the screen.... is there a fix for this can it be fixed other than that I love this app and how quick it works

Love This App Thanks !

Shazam Is Now the Best App for Tagging Music in a Matter of a Seconds👍💯

My music

Extremely difficult to try and get your just purchased songs to your list


Why does a $2.99 app turn into a $5.98 app when it comes thru Apple Pay?

Highly recommended

Now with all of the upgrades they've made & improved on since I first starting using it, I love it!!! Highly recommend it ! Dawn D Virginia Beach, VA


Right every time!!!!

P. K

Very useful. One of its kind. I love it.


Been using it for awhile and id feel naked without it!

Great resource....

Use it frequently

Worth it

Love it


I’m so frustrated!!! I purchased the app AND paid for no advertisements yet all I get is “Sorry I didn’t quite get that”. Not shazamming anything!!!

Finally nailed it Shazam

Between the listen at launch setting and the new content- and user-centric redesign, Shazam is finally realizing its potential - lovely work team Shazam ♥️

Shazam it!!!

Love it!!!


Shazam only works when the songs are being played aloud. But sometimes we may not want to play the music out loud and then to Shazam the song as you may be in a public area like on a train or in a library. So my question is simple; can music recognition still work when earphones/headphones are plugged into the jack of your phone/laptop and still successfully identify the artist and song title without the need to play the song out loud?, and if this is not possible can it be implemented in the future? Serious question. Thank you


It only identifies 1/2 the songs


Es realmente útil, me encanta



Love this!!

My first favorite app!!!

Rip off

I have paid for this app only to get 15 seconds of the music? This app is just one of many that take your money and deliver nothing. Shame on you. BTW, the only reason you got one star is because there isn’t zero star rating.

Where is Spotify streaming???

Why can’t I stream to Spotify, I’m not a Apple Music user

New update takes functionality away.

I left a similar review for the free version, but two things specifically irk me with this update. The extra pages feel like just that: extra, like the clean and concise setup wasn't "poppy" enough and just as did a few years ago, now Shazam has a bloated feel with extra screens just to have them, it seems. And the lyrics - the realtime tracking and highlighting is neat, for sure, but forcing the view back to what's actively being played is irritating! It isn't a karaoke machine, but if you want to give users the ability to easily turn that on or off, for example, that'd be great and it COULD be a nice feature for those times we need to "belt it out" - but most of the time I just want to read along and I WANT TO COPY TEXT to be able to paste it elsewhere. No longer can I do that and now I have to leave Shazam to search for the lyrics online and I NO LONGER want to use Shazam to get lyrics at all! Extra steps and swipes and someTHING recently (prior to this update) that whenever launching Shazam introduces a second-long break in my tunes from any source in any other app and again when switching back to my music source from Shazam... that's been terrible and now that the user interface has been bloated as it has... IDK team, I don't see this app in the same light anymore.

Doesn’t recognize music anymore

I used to love this app. It could pick up anything anywhere. Now, not so much. Not sure why.


Great app for finding information about music

Download unwanted songs

When I try and sample a song through this app into iTunes it seems to download unwanted songs without my permission. Normally I’m supposed to enter my password or face recognition but it doesn’t ask.


As you get older memory is the first to go. This app help me remember the folks that make the tunes I love.

Follows artists I don’t like.

If you Shazam a song sometimes you just want to know what it is. Doesn’t mean you like it, want to add it to a stream, or want to follow the artist. Very disappointed there appears to be no options to turn off auto add and auto follow.

App freezes continuously

Even after the new update the app stiill freezes. App tags music in south farce iTunes store, i don't know wether that is because im in south africa but I have a US iTunes account.

Shazam is your Playlist’s BFF!!!

Thanks to Shazam, my music library has grown considerably. And I love the feature to have the songs automatically added to Apple Music!!!!

Love it!

I have never had a problem with this app. I love that is saves my music so I can buy it later.

Works like a charm every time

Connects to Spotify or Apple Music easily. Also allows you to listen to tracks in Deezer. Find tracks I want to know about and ads them to my Spotify playlist with ease. Works great. I consider it a really good app should you choose to get it. Blessings!


Helpful and convenient! Especially when you don’t know the name of the artist


Great App can’t go Wrong

Apple Music

No me aparece el enlace con Apple Music una vez reconoce la canción. En mi iPad funciona lo más bien y aparece como está en la fotos review pero en mi iPhone 7 Plus no aparece.

Songs, Info and Fun

Shazam can tell me everything about a song it hears. I have found so many new artists because of the app. I love it!

What invetion!!!!

What a invetion!!

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