Shazam Encore App Reviews


Great app!


Excellent app!!


Alles wieder top

Awesome app

Great app. Very useful. Keep up the great work!

Doesnt work

Keeps crashing after update.

Good app

Good app

Wont login

It doesnt work...


Stopped working. What a waste.

Was better years ago

Still a 5 star app. But Shazam got songs more accurately when I first heard of it years ago. Now I’m always fighting every because it doesn’t know what The song is saying

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I know “SIRI” is Free, but she can’t do EVERYTHING that Shazam can!

Music Aid

Shazam is helped me figure out some great music I otherwise would not of caught.


Ummm can you hurry up and add Tidal to the stream link????

Still love it

Shazam was one of the first apps I installed and I still LOVE it.

I do not want a 3 month subscription every time I use Shazam

Shazam is not what it use to be.


I literally don't know what I would do without Shazam. Major thanks to all of the smart techies/engineers that created this because it is amazing


This app does absolutely nothing it cant pick up a single song on the 6s

On a Carousel- The Hollies and a couple other recent purchases

I’m mad- I want what I paid for! It won’t let me NOT hit a star- 1/2 star cause I can listen to the music!!



Not a fan

Impossible to play beat Shazam on this app.

Control Center

You should pop up Shazam on the Control Center on iPhone so it will be faster and don’t have to struggle closing any app that we are using👍🏻

Can’t Live Without Shazaam

Nothing better to get songs in a flash!

Great App

Love music & love this app

Add Amazon Music as a streaming option.

Add Amazon Music as a streaming option. We all don't use Spotify or Apple Music.


This app is usually on point within 5-10 secs. I used the app on another device which took at least four tries before it actually recognized the real song I was looking for at the time. Maybe a red herring. Who knows?


This app does not & will not work,no matter what we do ?

iPhone Se

Love it

The BEST appreciate your help with worldwide artistic

Thank you

Works but doesn’t share

Shazam is AWESOME for finding that tune you can’t place.. but when you try to play it again at home over AirPlay good luck playing more than one track you’ve tagged.. you’ll be stuck opening each track through Spotify and then air play.. why doesn’t this tech work seemless yet? It’s 2018 already Apple. come on

Improve watch app

The Apple Watch Shazam app is pretty horrendous. It take on average 30 to 45 seconds to identify a song AND it's not native on the watch. The amount of time it takes to load the app and to identify a song, you better hope you you're no more than halfway thorough the song already. Edit: the app just crashes all together now. I’ve removed the Apple Watch app. Useless.

Shazam! Is

A ‘must have’ app for music lovers.

Interrupt music when tagging the song

Can y’all please fix the glitch or bug that cause the app to Interrupt the music when tagging the song so it doesn’t do that at all when listening on your phone or Bluetooth speaker and you tag that song it interrupts the song try it on your phone or Bluetooth speaker you will know what I’m talking about Shazam thanks other that good app and I love using it

Amazing App

I know this is not new technology, but I still am amazed at this incredible simple but useful app. I have used Shazam for years and remain grateful to have free access. Thanks, whoever created this app.

So handy

It’s great for old guys that love music but can remember the names or artists

Getting to be too much

They keep trying to add things that are making the app more confusing. Just go back to the simplicity.

Doesn’t recognize song too many times...

I use this app a lot but lately it’s not recognizing songs; it’s used to catch a song as soon as I tap “go” but now it takes forever to Shazam or three or four try’s to pick up the song. Anyone else having a similar problem?

Genius technology!


Great app

Easy to use. Great app.


Shazam is the best App to identify a song that you like. They have a rich repertoire.

Shazam Can't Connect to Spotify

Hello, I am a user of spotify premium and using official Spotify app, Spotify can't connect to shazam simply but connect in next several times, when it connect it can't play any song of shazam playlists, please solve this problem quickly, thank you for your amazing app🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

Sell out

In the past I could tag a song and listen to the clip later. Now the clips won’t play unless I pay for Apple Music. Thanks a lot Shazam. Looks like your app is going in the trash now.


I use the app to capture that unknown song playing in the background and it works perfectly for that! I love the integration with spotify so that i can add the so g I captured to a playlist! Sometimes the app is slow to start so i’ll miss to capture the song i want but it’s rare occurrence!

First at it.. to the only game in the galaxy!

I remember when I still lived in London back in the late 90’s, Shazam was nothing more than a very intriguing song recognition service that was already perfected way before any smartphone came into existence. All I had to do was to dial a number for Shazam using my cell phone (a Motorola Startac flip phone back then) and held the phone in the general direction of the source of the music if you were in a crowded place and even in a crowded nightclub. Just held the phone to a speaker and I’d get a text message back with the artist and name of the song within a minute. Shazam has been perfecting this listening technology for quite some time. Way ahead of any other copycat. Already back then you could place your phone almost inside the massive speaker systems at Ministry of Sound and you’d get a text reply. Now back then the catalogue wasn’t as extensive as it is now so it has a harder time with brand new electronic house music tracks. Today the only time Shazam doesn’t come up with a title for a house music track, it’s because it’s still a white label, unreleased, or some bootleg a DJ producer put together for fun. I’m curious to see how far Shazam takes its technology. I think they ought to figure something out with video and images and the ability to take a pic of a movie scene and find out what every actors name is, what they were wearing what brands where to buy etc etc etc.

Application is not working

I bought this application for $2.99 and it’s not picking up songs as it supposed to. What I waste of my money.


Great at finding music but will not recognize any of Tool.

Muy buena

Muy completa



Love this app!



When I first got Shazam it was great! Then you did some upgrades and changes which were not so good; however several months later you did additional upgrades which again made the app great! However recently the app keeps blanking out on me will not retain my Shazam‘s and I am very frustrated by this as I am trying to retain my Shazam‘s in order to purchase music I have it times Shazam to music found new artist that I like and then purchased several songs by those artist later even introducing those artist to other people. You need to repair this problem with Shazam or you will start losing customers me to start with! If this is an effort to try to get me to upgrade purchases to the product it is something that I as well as many others, do not enjoy having foisted honest so please stop keeping us from using our product simply in an effort to attempt is to purchase upgrades. Back in the day that was called a bait and switch and in most states is it legal!

Beat Shazam

How do you actually compete in Beat Shazam?

No me deja conectar Spotify

No me deja conectar Spotify

I’m not happy

Not able to recognize any songs for over a week!!

Right on

Need more Canned Heat.

Shazam one of the best invention ever

Guys, you are a billion times better than Facebook and am not joking. I wish you were created in the 70’ or 80’s thanks to you I got music I thought I could never retrieve from history. Thx thx thx Jo from Miami

Reason ?

Why did you remove background playing?? I only listen here. I really like to use this app because of background playing. That’s why i was using previous versions and I paid $0.99 but that’s almost same with regular version.

This Love

Beautiful Song!

Horrible Apple App Shapple Shazucks

The capabilities finishes when apple purchased the app. Shazucks

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