Shazam Encore App Reviews


Great app!


Excellent app!!


Alles wieder top

Awesome app

Great app. Very useful. Keep up the great work!

Doesnt work

Keeps crashing after update.

Good app

Good app

Wont login

It doesnt work...


Stopped working. What a waste.

Shazam rocks!

Can do multiple languages 💗

App is awesome

Awesome app! Best app I’ve found for music

Continue to Improve - Job Well Done

Thanks Great App.

Great App!

I enjoy identifying every song I hear...

Does not work at all

Does to recognize any songs do not buy it, and they will not respond to any emails


I love Shazam it’s so easy and fast to use and always with me 👍🏽

Unable to find out songs in time

This app is slowly becoming useless and it is becoming corrupted and demolished please fix this and do not choose to skip this review.

My Favorite App!!

That’s it. 3 words... “MY FAVORITE APP!” ~LANovell

Love it!

What more can I say?

I love Shazam ❤️🌈

U bring me joy and truly thankful for that. I know you have the option of hearing a movie as well as music to allow me to have an easier entertaining experience. Thank u 🍀🙃😉

Works well

It works!

Excelente aplicación

AAA +++




The apple watch app is not fluid and doesn’t work always. Sometimes it crushes, too. Can you fix it?

Perfect way to identify and buy my music on the fly

It is the easiest app I have found to identify and download any song. I have used it to purchase hundreds of songs over the last few years. I even use it to identify songs on tv shows and movies, even a commercial a couple of times. It is a vital music resource as far as I am concerned.

Great resource....

Use it frequently

Good. I like it.

Kinda bummed that Apple bought it. More stinking neon😩.

Dear father

I miss you but I need you to leave me alone. I can’t live like this. You are driving me crazy. I understand the terms and conditions of your Existence.

Compliments Apple Music nicely.

Works great!

Love Shazam

Shazam has become a verb for me, this app is so handy! I can shazam any song I want to remember to download or for any song I'd like to know who the title/artist is.


All us former radio DJ's think we know our music pretty well...but NOBODY knows it like this magical, incredible app. It's too bad I gave up drin in' because I could make a killing in bar bets with this thing. Love it!


Works like a charm

Wonderful Shazam

This is one of those amazing inventions I would’ve loved to had in the 80s and 90s. Simply hold phone to speaker and big bam boom there is the song and title of the song you’re interested in. Highly recommend.

I did mean to buy but I can’t restore my purchases

Wow just horrible

The best

Great to recognize songs


Love your app

The update broke it

I most recent update causes app to freeze often looking up songs seeing what your history you name it

Previous version was better the country wise was easier to get to

Previous version was better the country wise was easier to get to

SoundHound Got It Right

Still NO auto-sharing to social media. The auto recognition feature is all wrong. Take note from SoundHound on this one.

No Spotify support despite the description

Good: most accurate music detection app out there Bad: Spotify integration doesn't work and Shazam absolutely does not answer support emails. Don't even bother contacting them.

My choice every time !

Other programs not near as complete Never missed yet! Merci'

I love this app, but...

I have always enjoyed Shazam! I even love the the show. I do have one problem that I hope you can look into and maybe fix it in an update. I have resound hearing aids that stream through my iPhone. Unfortunately when I try to use Shazam while wearing them, Shazam doesn’t recognize anything playing. I suffer from degenerative hearing loss so I do need to wear them all day. Any help you could give would be greatly appreciated. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

I love it

Thank you for all the songs I thought I’d never find

What a mess

How did you screwup what was wince a good piece of software?

Terrible song recognizing.

This most recent update is way off on song id’s. It has id’d three different songs in a row as the same tune ? What’s up shazam?


just keeps getting better

New music GoTo app

Immediately impressed, it became one of the first apps, if not the first app I downloaded when I acquired my first iPhone 07-08'. Always awed by its function. And then the links. I'd like to see a link to the lyrics of a song, if applicable.

Love shazam

Best music discovery app like ever

A must have app!

I could not live without this app on my phone. Plus the fact that it syncs with my Apple Music, well that's just the Icing on the cake. I have yet not been able to find the song I was searching for. Even random, obscure songs I have been able to find with this app. Great work Shazam!! Thanks!

Buy this app

I have used this app all over the world and collected songs from my travels. Allowing me to better remember each place. Thank you to the developers of this app. If you are a prospective buyer. Just go ahead and get it. Support them by buying the upgrade. It’s really awesome to be someplace and capture the moments in songs.

Instant Gratification!

Tap! ...and I a second your song pops up... Instant gratification! ...Wam, bam, thank you Shazam!

Simply amazing

Fasr,accurate, reliable, and completely practical. Personally I think this is the most impressive app and it is the easiest to use

I wish I had a record of everything I've requested in the past or?

Some great stuff and I'd like to get my favorites or unknowns

Very good

Very good

S H A Z A M ROCKS!!!❤️

Shazam is the best... It gives me the same of the song and lyrics. I love it! Can't get enough of it.❤️💕

Limited connection to music apps

This is a great product if you only use Apple Music or Spotify. Anything else (Amazon Music or Pandora, etc) and you’re on your own for connectivity.

Update Downgrade

This app used to be amazing, would catch a song in seconds. Then this update happened and now all it says is “Sending”, and “We’ll figure it out when you’re online again”. Nice one Shazam, I was on WiFi, way to deflect your incompetence. Apparently, “Lighter and faster” is code for: “Doesn’t work”.

Love it!

Love shazaam!

The best app I ever bought

I'm on the road a lot so I can't pull over to write down a song title and singer easily. This app helps me not only with this it makes it simple to add to my iTunes library. Thank you for this wonderful app

Great app

Honestly my favorite app I love music!!

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